Pastor Hristo Kulichev in John Piper’s book CORONAVIRUS AND CHRIST

Published on May 10, 2020 by Benjamin J. Montoya

Chapter 11: Loosening Roots to Reach the Nations

Finally, “in the coronavirus God is loosening the roots of settled Christians, all over the world, to make them free for something new and radical and to send them with the gospel of Christ to the unreached peoples of the world.” Scripture promises that the gospel will be proclaimed in all the world (Matthew 24:14). That is not a maybe, or a hope. That is a certainty. Although this time period may seem like a setback for missions, God can use what seems like an apparent setback to make great advances for the gospel. Piper tells an important story to that end,

On January 9, 1985, Pastor Hristo Kulichev, a Congregational pastor in Bulgaria, was arrested and put in prison. His crime was that he preached in his church even though the state had appointed another man as pastor whom the congregation did not elect. His trial was a mockery of justice. And he was sentenced to eight months in prison. During his time in prison, he made Christ known in every way he could. When he got out, he wrote, “Both prisoners and jailers asked many questions, and it turned out that we had a more fruitful ministry there than we could have expected in church. God was better served by our presence in prison than if we had been free.”

May God use the Coronavirus in our day in the same way!


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He was arrested, tried, and imprisoned for his disobedience to the Communist regime. This is his story of faith in a time of great personal persecution.

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Some years ago, while ministering in Bulgaria, I met Pastor Christo Kulichev, a Congregational pastor who was arrested and imprisoned in 1985 for the crime of preaching the gospel in the church that he served.

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Kulichev : The issue is not who is pastor , but whether the choice is in accord with the legitimate rights of the church . It is the church that chooses its servants . Whomever it chooses — even Pavel Ivanov – I am obliged to submit …

Bulgarian Review – Volume 28 – Page 13

Hristo Kulichev , the pastor of the First Congregational Church in Sofia , was arrested in January 1985 , and sentenced to eight months of imprisonment under Article 274 of the Penal Code , paragraph 2 , for practicing a profession …

The Bulletin – Volumes 43-50 – Page 16


FREEDOM OF RELIGION AND BELIEF BULGARIA 31 August The British Ambassador in Sofia , John Fawcett , is raising the case of Pastor Kulichev with the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs . Pastor Kulichev is presently serving a sentence …

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I spent three days as their guest in the Vatican, where I was assured that Kulichev was a true Christian hero. Later, I was able to bring him to our Annual Meeting and nominate him for an honorary doctorate at North Park.

Global Temperance and the Balkans: American Missionaries, …

Nikolay Kamenov · 2020

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