E.B. Haskell: On the death of a Gipsy pastor

E.B. Haskell, озаглавена „On the death of a Gipsy pastor“ (вероятно от 1924 г.

Photo of the Pentecostal believers in the Church’s countryard. Special lunch on the occasion of the Trendafilka Simeonova’s baptism in the Holy Spirit, the first person received baptism in the Spirit in Sliven. She is Bulgarian, but received baptism in the Spirit in Armenian language. In the photo are Agop, his wife, and some of their children, Trendafilka and his second husband Georgi Simeonov. Trendafilka was attended the Evangelical Congragationalist Church in Sliven. The first husband of Trendafilka was the famous Bulgarian Baptist pastor worked among the Gypsies, Trifon Dimitrov. Trendafilka and her second husband migrated to Argentina in the 1920s-1930s and came back to Bulgaria after several years. Her husband was a famous tailor in Argentina and continued to work as tailor in Bulgaria. During the journey to Argentina, the Trendafilka’s first child was born in the ship.