1stchurch(Congregational); Garden Street. Tomorrow night, at 7.;t0, in the chap**!. Dr. Wilfred T. Grenfell. tho medic*) missionary to the deep-sea tlshermen of the Labrador coast, will tell of some of his thrilling experiences on the sea, and will show colored views beautifully illustrating tho life and scenes where he has Leon working. Tho weekly church-meeting, last night. was conducted hy Or. ueuen Thomas, of Hrooklino. who exchanged wllh Dr. MeKen_ie, the latter taking charge of the meeting at Harvard church. Brookllne. The mutual Bible class was led, last Sunday, by Mr. J. M. W. Hall. The Sunday School Teachers’ guild held an Interesting and successful meeting In the chapel last Tuesday night. The subject for the me*ting of the Young People’s Alliance, tomorrow evening, is „Why Should We Pray?“; references. Matt. 6:32; 7:7. The Captains of Ten met yesterday afternoon, and tho Margaret Shepard society will meet at ten. this morning. An extra meeting of the Woman’s Homo Missionary society was held Wednesday morning to prepare for the Avon home sale. A barrel was packed for Flsk university. The Woman’s Foreign Missionary society met Wednesday afternoon. Tho monthly Sunday ‘school concert will he held at the Riverside Alliance, tomorrow night at 7.15. An Interesting program has been nrranged. The monthly parents’ meeting was held with good success at the Riverside alliance, Wednesday evening. The Young People’s Alliance held a successful and very enjoyable sociable, last Monday night. A number of Alliance members attended the rally of the C. X. union, Thursday night, at the Old Cambridge Baptist church. The topic cards of the Alliance for the second quarter of the year will be ready for distribution tomorrow. lj«st Sunday night the Alliance held a successful meeting, which considered the lives and work of several of its nbt-cnt members. Short papers were read on Miss Ida I_ Frost, who Is working under the Woman’s board in New Mexico; on Stoyan X. Vatrolsky, under the American bonrd. In Sofia, Bulgaria, and on Georgo Perkins Knapp, more widely known, formerly of Bitlls, and now of Harpoot. Armenia.