marshCambridge Chronicle, 9 February 1918

Corner Cogswell and Massachusetts avenues. Rev. E. A. W. Palmquist, minister. Tomorrow monitor at 10.30 a.m., th* castor’s theme is „The Imperial Christ in a Crisis.“ Bible school at 12 m; classes for all ngcs; Intermediate C. X. at 4.00 p.m.; senior O. E. at 6.00 p.m.; evening worship at 7.30, large chorus choir, address by the Rev. W. E. Rogers. Mr. Rogers has spent ten yeara in the Belgian Congo and will speak upon that interesting work and people. NORTH CONGREGATIONAL Rev. Vincent Ravi-Booth, pastor. Rev. Daniel Evans, D. D., acting pastor. > Tomorrow morning at 10.30, Dr. Evan’s topic is „The Search for a Man.“ To aid In the conservation of coal the services will be held to the vestry during the month of missionary meeting on Wednesday evening, with an address by Mrs. N. C. Marsh, a distinguished missionary from Bulgaria, will be a privilege to those who attend.