yoochoofCambridge Chronicle, Volume XLVIII, Number 12, 25 March 1893
The first regular meeting of the Young Men’s club of this church, recently formed, was held Wednesday evening. Tho club has Bfi members, and a number of new members were added. After tho business meeting Mr Yoochoof, a Bulgarian, gave a very interesting talk on Bulgaria. Mr Yoochoof is an exile. He was an editor uf a paper in Bulgaria, and on account of his opinions was exiled from that country. He favored the views of Russia in its desire to annex Bulgaria. A Harvard student, a native of Bulgaria, happened to bo present at tbe meeting aud be held opposite views from those of tbe speaker, and an interesting debate, not looked for, but very entertaining nevertheless, followed. The student believed that Bulgaria should be made a Dominion of Austria. Meetings will be held the fourth Wednesday in each month.

NOTE: Vatralsky is against Russia’s assimilatin of the Balkans as early as his school years in Harvard (1893), well realizing that Bulgaria only future is in its own Independence as a nation and a European state