clarkeCambridge Chronicle, 1 February 1896
The monthly missionary concert at 7.30 p.m, was addressed by Rev. J. F. Clarke, D. D., from Bulgaria, who had witnessed In that country scenes similar to those at present occurring lv Armenia. The Ladles’ Missionary circle held a mite box opening, Monday afternoon, lv the Intermediate claaa room. The Volunteer Mlesion band held an entertainment and candy aale Thursday evening. The subject of the morning service tomorrow will be „Self-Depreciation.“ The choir will sing: „Jesus„>tho Very Thought cf Thee,“ Schneoker; „Love Divine,“ duet. Stalner; „The Lord’s Prayer,“ Chant; „In Heavenly Love Abiding,“ baaa solo, Batchelder. The evening subject will be „No Right In Heaven.“ The selections by the choir will be aa followa: „No Shadows Yonder; All Light and Song,“ Gaul; „Forever With the Lord.“ soprano solo, Guonod; „No Night Shnll Be in Heaven,“ contralto solo, Gilbert: „The Home of the Soul.“ Phillips. Mr. John L. Blake la organlat and choir director. 000-* —