northCambridge Chronicle, 3 March 1923

Mass. lire, and Roseland st. Rev. Lnwrenee It. Howard, pastor. Sunday at 10:30, celebration of the Lord’s supper and address by Rev. D. N. Furnnjieff, pastor of the largest church in Sofia, Bulgaria, a graduate of Princeton university who conies back to this country in behalf of a better understuniling nnd larger cooperation with his native land; 12:10, Sunday school; 4:30, vesper service, the pastor wili speak on „The Merciful,“ the fourth of the series of addresses on The Beatitudes; 5:30, 0. E., subject, „The Refuge Psalm.“ Ps. 01.—Monday, 0:30, the North Cambridge Federation of Church societies will hold its first federation supper ot the Nortli Avenue Baptist church.—Wednesdny, 7 :45, midweek service, subject, „The Ministry of Love.“ —Thursday, 8, community course entertnininent; Beatrice Herford will appear in her originnl monologues, following nn organ recital at 7:30 by W. B. Sache.